Recent Release

Boruto Boruto: Naruto Next Generations   Ep 03

Starmyu Starmyu 2nd Season   Ep 03

Grimoire of Zero Grimoire of Zero   Ep 02

the-eccentric-family The Eccentric Family   Ep 02

monster-hunter-stories Monster Hunter Stories- Ride On   Ep 28

Granblue Fantasy Granblue Fantasy The Animation   Ep 03

Attack On Titan Attack on Titan 2nd Season   Ep 03

My Hero Academia My Hero Academia 2nd Season   Ep 03

Clockwork Planet Clockwork Planet   Ep 02

vivid-strike ViVid Strike!   OVA

konosuba-gods-blessing-on-this-wonderful-world KonoSuba 2nd Season   Ep 10

youjo-senki Youjo Senki   Ep 12

kubikiri-cycle Kubikiri Cycle   Ep 04

scums-wish Scum’s Wish   Ep 12

chaoschild Chaos;Child   Ep 12

Twin star Exorcists Twin Star Exorcists   Ep 50

Tales Of Zestiria Tales Of Zestiria The X 2nd Season   Ep 12

chain-chronicle Chain Chronicle: The Light of Haecceitas   Ep 12

rewrite Rewrite 2nd Season   Ep 11

BlueExorcist Blue Exorcist 2nd Season   Ep 12

masamune-kun-no-revenge Masamune-kun’s Revenge   Ep 12

nanbaka Nanbaka 2nd Season   Ep 12

trickster Trickster   Ep 24

time-bokan-24 Time Bokan 24   Ep 24

super-lovers Super Lovers 2nd Season   Ep 10

Latest Series Added 

Haikyu Haikyū!!

Grimgar Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

food wars Food Wars!

mekakucity-actors Mekakucity Actors

Bubuki Buranki BBK/BRNK

the-eccentric-family The Eccentric Family

drifters Drifters

yuri-on-ice Yuri!!! on Ice

keijo Keijo!!!!!!!!

joker-game-wallpaper-560x314 Joker Game

Erased Erased

(Complete List Here)

Latest Quiz Published

Anime Can you recognize these symbols?

Fate Zero How much do you know about Fate (Stay Night & Zero)?

tokyo-ghoul-logo How Much Do You Know Tokyo Ghoul?

dn Death Note Quiz

(Complete List Here)

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